About us


Why Spot ON?

Spot On Homes was named by it’s founders partly as a nod to an English upbringing, but primarily because that’s what we want to achieve for every single client. Whatever the size, complexity or scale of the project, we know each is unique in the life of each owner, manager or family. It isn’t always about the latest and greatest, or the loudest or brightest (although sometimes it can be!), but it is consistently about how and why that space fits in for you, what’s important to you and for you to feel comfortable and completely at ease there.



So how do we get it spot on? Through our dedication to exceptional work, craftsmanship and quality. And that all starts with our friendly approach and how we listen honestly to what your needs are. We hope our expertise and skill will wow you every time you interact with the finished space, but equally we value and appreciate you entrusting us to get you there and that’s something we never lose sight of.